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Tourism in India

India’s   amazing diversity offers everything that one wants in a holiday. Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by a spectacular coastline surrounded by three seas, India is a vivid kaleidoscope of and scapes, magnificent historical sites and royal cities, golden beaches, misty mountain retreats, colorful  , people, rich cultures and festivals. 

The vast cultural treasure stemming from a historic  past sets India apart from various other travel destinations. India’s grand repository of ancient cultural and natural treasures is of great significance to the history and civilization of the world. In India, there are places where the visitor encounter history at every step. This can easily be seen in the Golden triangle-Delhi, Agra  and   Jaipur.  Delhi  , the capital city of  India and a major gateway to the country. It is a city of fascinating contrasts, its monuments and structures takes through the centuries past sever older cities that existed here. Down the ages the region in and around modern Delhi saw Lalkot built in the mid 11th century ,siri established by Allauddin Khilji,Tughlakabad and Ferozabad built by the Tughlaks followed by the city of the Lodhis and then came shahjahanbad, the capital of the Mughals under Shahjahan.

New Delhi reflects the legacy the British left behind. New Delhi in contrast, is a city trying to live up to the best of the millennium standard. Agra is the city  of the Taj mahal and has monuments and historical sites dating back to Mughal  period.

Jaipur is the pink city built by maharaja Sawai Jai singh II .The palaces and forts yesteryears that were witness to royal processions and splendor are now living monuments.


India’s grand repository of ancient cultural and natural treasures is  of great significance to the history and civilization of the world. Tajmahal ,Agra Fort and Fatehpur sikri in Agra ,the Konark  sun Temple, Khajuraho Temples, Mahabalipuran  monuments, Brihadishwara Temple ,Hampi Monuments, Ajanta, Ellora caves are some of the monument declared as World Heritage Monuments, Besides these monuments there are many historically important temples ,forts, palaces ,stupas ,mausoleums are scattered all over the country.


India has preserved vast tracts of forests and habitats in its 80 National parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries. In northern  India, Corbett National park and Dudhwa National park  in UP, kanha National park and Bandhav garh national park    in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan’s Ranthambore national park and sariska  tiger Reserve, are all home of the magnificent predator-the tiger .These also have varieties  of deer including the antlered barasingha and a range of lesser cats ,mammals and birds. In western   India…


India’s vast cultural diversity has endowed it with a treasure trove of handicrafts in a truly remarkable variety of styles In India one can go in for fine brocades, shimmering  silks, woolen, cool cottons and a range of other fabrics. India being  a land of communities is full of ethnic dresses. Amazing variety of gold and  silver, jewellery , precious and semi precious stones are available .Gold and silver ,copper, brass and bell metal are shaped into intricately designed images ,Idols, jewellery and utility items. Agra is famous for marble inlay work and…


Stretching along  the northern borders of India is the world’s largest highest mountain chain: the Himalayas. This is a true mountaineering country, with snow covered peaks ,undulating forested foot hills ,bubbly mountain streams, and an infinite variety  of flora and fauna-Kullu, Manali, Patnitop, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Srinagar, Nanital Mussorie are important hill stations in North India. Ooty and Kodaikanal are picturesque hill towns of south India.


Indian   cuisine is rich, varied ,spicy and pungent. Each has its own specialty. In north , the staple diet includes a range of flat breads such as pooris, chappatis,nans and paranthas. In the south, a repertoire based on rice is an essential part of any meal-fluffy   white idlis, dosas.  Dal or lentils are common fare throughout India. Many of the culinary delights of India have originated from the great royal courts of earlier times. North  Indian  cuisine is most influenced by the great mughals and savored  in the luscious…


 India’s 6,000 km long coastline traces shining garland of sand, rocks and pebbles around her outline and is dotted with several pristine beaches and world class beach resort. These vast stretches of golden sands and palm fringed coves are at   their finest in Goa and Kerala. Puri in Orissa offers the unusual experience of architectural beauty   with scenic   beach beauty. The islands of Lakshadweep ,Andaman and Nicobar offers excellent water sports and  

I went Tajmahal with Family. It was amazing tour. Thanks Agra Tour Guide for an excellent service.
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